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Joint GPU Ocelot and MACSIM Tutorial at HPCA

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MacSim is a heterogeneous architecture simulator developed by Professor Hysoon Kim and her group at Georgia Tech. The Structural Simulation Toolkit is a parallel simulation infrastructure developed at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque) led by Dr. Arun Rodrigues. SST-MacSim represents MacSim components that execute using the SST infrastructure. Ocelot is used to generate traces for execution by SST-MacSim architecture models. We presented a joint GPU Ocelot, SST, and MACSIM Tutorial at HPCA 2012. This tutorial describes how GPU Ocelot can be used to produce instruction and address...

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Need Your Help for Windows Support

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The Ocelot source tree currently supports building on windows, however, we do not have development machines that can be used for building and testing on windows.  We need volunteers with access to VS2010 who would be willing to checkout the codebase build it on windows, and create an installer for the ocelot libraries. If you are interested, please respond to this thread:

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