Joint GPU Ocelot and MACSIM Tutorial at HPCA

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Joint GPU Ocelot and MACSIM Tutorial at HPCA

MacSim is a heterogeneous architecture simulator developed by Professor Hysoon Kim and her group at Georgia Tech. The Structural Simulation Toolkit is a parallel simulation infrastructure developed at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque) led by Dr. Arun Rodrigues. SST-MacSim represents MacSim components that execute using the SST infrastructure. Ocelot is used to generate traces for execution by SST-MacSim architecture models. We presented a joint GPU Ocelot, SST, and MACSIM Tutorial at HPCA 2012. This tutorial describes how GPU Ocelot can be used to produce instruction and address traces to drive MACSIM, a cycle-level simulator for heterogeneous processors in the SST simulation enviroment.

Registration is available here.

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