Ocelot and SST-MacSim Tutorial at ISCA 2012

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Ocelot and SST-MacSim Tutorial at ISCA 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting a joint GPU Ocelot and SST-MacSim tutorial during ISCA 2012 on June 10, 2012, in Portland. An outline of the GPU Ocelot part of the tutorial is as follows:

  1. Overview of Ocelot Ocelot: Architecture
    1. CUDA Runtime API implementation
    2. Ocelot Device Abstraction
      1. Device interface
      2. Memory allocations
    3. Parallel Thread Execution (PTX) IR
      1. Introduction to ISA and internal representation
      2. Writing PTX transformations and Pass Manager
      3. Details of the parser and emitter
  2. Ocelot: Supported Devices

    1. PTX Emulator
      1. Implementation overview
      2. Trace generation interface
      3. Events, machine state, and emulation
    2. Multicore Host Backend
      1. Translating kernels for Execution on the Host
      2. PTX to LLVM Translation
    3. NVIDIA GPU Backend

Visit this Comparch webpage for more details including an outline of the complete tutorial.

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