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OcelotConfiguration.h File Reference

defines a configuration class for GPU Ocelot More...

#include <string>
#include <fstream>
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class  api::OcelotConfiguration
 configuration object structure for GPU Ocelot More...
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::Checkpoint
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::TraceGeneration
 Configuration for trace generation facilities. More...
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::TraceGeneration::Debugger
 configuration properties for trace::InteractiveDebugger More...
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::TraceGeneration::RaceDetector
 configuration properties for trace::RaceDetector More...
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::TraceGeneration::MemoryChecker
 Check memory errors. More...
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::CudaRuntimeImplementation
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::Executive
class  api::OcelotConfiguration::Optimizations


namespace  api

Detailed Description

defines a configuration class for GPU Ocelot

Andrew Kerr <> By centralizing the configuration object, it should be fairly clear what the structure of an Ocelot configuration is and how to extend it.
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