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executive::Device::PropertiesData Class Reference

#include <Device.h>

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ir::Instruction::Architecture ISA
int addressSpace
char name [256]
size_t totalMemory
unsigned int multiprocessorCount
int memcpyOverlap
int maxThreadsPerBlock
int maxThreadsDim [3]
int maxGridSize [3]
int sharedMemPerBlock
int totalConstantMemory
int SIMDWidth
int memPitch
int regsPerBlock
int clockRate
int textureAlign
int integrated
int concurrentKernels
int major
int minor
size_t stackSize
size_t printfFIFOSize
bool unifiedAddressing
int memoryClockRate
int memoryBusWidth
int l2CacheSize
int maxThreadsPerMultiProcessor

Member Data Documentation

identifies the device's address space

clock frequency in kHz

Concurrent kernel execution

Is the device integrated or discrete

"native" ISA of the device

Maximum resident threads per multiprocessor

major shader module revision

maximum size of each dimension of a grid

maximum size of each dimension of a block

maximum number of threads per block

true if the device can simultaneously execute a kernel while performing data transfer

Size of L2 cache in bytes

Global memory bus width in bits

maximum pitch allowed by memory copy functions

minor shader model revision

gets the number of multiprocessors/cores on the device

human-readable device name

printfFIFOSize This device shares a unified address with the host

total registers allowed per block

total amount of shared memory available per block in bytes

warp size

stack size

alignment requirement for textures

total amount of constant memory on the device

number of bytes of global memory available to the device

Peak memory clock frequency in kilohertz

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