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executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack Class Reference

A class for managing a call stack for a single PTX thread. More...

#include <LLVMFunctionCallStack.h>

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class  ParameterAndLocalSize

Public Member Functions

void call (unsigned int localSize, unsigned int parameterSize, unsigned int functionId, unsigned int resumePoint=-1)
unsigned int returned ()
void setKernelArgumentMemory (char *memory, unsigned int argumentSize)
void resizeCurrentLocalMemory (unsigned int size)
char * localMemory ()
char * parameterMemory ()
char * argumentMemory ()
unsigned int localSize () const
unsigned int parameterSize () const
unsigned int argumentSize () const
unsigned int functionId () const

Detailed Description

A class for managing a call stack for a single PTX thread.

Member Function Documentation

char * executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::argumentMemory ( )
unsigned int executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::argumentSize ( ) const
void executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::call ( unsigned int  localSize,
unsigned int  parameterSize,
unsigned int  functionId,
unsigned int  resumePoint = -1 
unsigned int executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::functionId ( ) const
char * executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::localMemory ( )
unsigned int executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::localSize ( ) const
char * executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::parameterMemory ( )
unsigned int executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::parameterSize ( ) const
void executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::resizeCurrentLocalMemory ( unsigned int  size)
unsigned int executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::returned ( )
void executive::LLVMFunctionCallStack::setKernelArgumentMemory ( char *  memory,
unsigned int  argumentSize 

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