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ir::IRKernel Class Reference

#include <IRKernel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IRKernel (Instruction::Architecture isa=Instruction::Unknown, const std::string &name="", bool isFunction=false, const ir::Module *module=0)
virtual ~IRKernel ()
 IRKernel (const IRKernel &k)
 Copy constructor (deep)
const IRKerneloperator= (const IRKernel &k)
 Assignment operator (deep)
ControlFlowGraphcfg ()
 Gets the cfg.
const ControlFlowGraphcfg () const
 Gets the const cfg.
virtual bool executable () const

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Detailed Description

A wrapper class containging common analysis for kernels

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ir::IRKernel::IRKernel ( Instruction::Architecture  isa = Instruction::Unknown,
const std::string &  name = "",
bool  isFunction = false,
const ir::Module module = 0 

Constructs an empty kernel

ir::IRKernel::~IRKernel ( ) [virtual]

Destructs kernel

ir::IRKernel::IRKernel ( const IRKernel k)

Copy constructor (deep)

Member Function Documentation

ir::ControlFlowGraph * ir::IRKernel::cfg ( )

Gets the cfg.

const ir::ControlFlowGraph * ir::IRKernel::cfg ( ) const

Gets the const cfg.

bool ir::IRKernel::executable ( ) const [virtual]

Returns true if the kernel instance is derived from ExecutableKernel

Reimplemented in executive::EmulatedKernel, executive::ExecutableKernel, and ir::PTXKernel.

const ir::IRKernel & ir::IRKernel::operator= ( const IRKernel k)

Assignment operator (deep)

Member Data Documentation

Control flow graph of kernel - this is the primary store of instructions belonging to the kernel

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