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ir::Parameter Class Reference

#include <Parameter.h>

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union  ValueType

Public Types

typedef std::vector< ValueTypeValueVector

Public Member Functions

 Parameter (const PTXStatement &statement, bool arg, bool isReturn=false)
 Parameter (const std::string &s="", ir::PTXOperand::DataType t=ir::PTXOperand::u64, unsigned int alignment=0, ir::PTXInstruction::Vec v=ir::PTXOperand::v1, bool argument=false, bool returnArgument=false)
 ~Parameter ()
unsigned int getSize () const
unsigned int getElementSize () const
unsigned int getAlignment () const
 Return the alignment restriction of the parameter.
bool isArgument () const
 Is this parameter a kernel argument?
std::string toString () const
 Return a parsable string representing the parameter.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string value (const Parameter &p)
 Get value.

Public Attributes

PTXOperand::DataType type
std::string name
unsigned int alignment
 Alignment attribute.
ir::PTXInstruction::Vec vector
 Vector attribute.
bool argument
 Is this kernel argument.
bool returnArgument
 is this a return argument?
unsigned int offset
ValueVector arrayValues

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<ValueType> ir::Parameter::ValueVector

A vector of values

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ir::Parameter::Parameter ( const PTXStatement statement,
bool  arg,
bool  isReturn = false 
ir::Parameter::Parameter ( const std::string &  s = "",
ir::PTXOperand::DataType  t = ir::PTXOperand::u64,
unsigned int  alignment = 0,
ir::PTXInstruction::Vec  v = ir::PTXOperand::v1,
bool  argument = false,
bool  returnArgument = false 
) [explicit]
ir::Parameter::~Parameter ( )

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int ir::Parameter::getAlignment ( ) const

Return the alignment restriction of the parameter.

unsigned int ir::Parameter::getElementSize ( ) const

Returns the size of a single element of a parameter

unsigned int ir::Parameter::getSize ( ) const

Returns the size of a parameter

bool ir::Parameter::isArgument ( ) const

Is this parameter a kernel argument?

std::string ir::Parameter::toString ( ) const

Return a parsable string representing the parameter.

std::string ir::Parameter::value ( const Parameter p) [static]

Get value.

Member Data Documentation

Alignment attribute.

Is this kernel argument.

Array containing union of values

std::string ir::Parameter::name

Name of parameter

unsigned int ir::Parameter::offset

Offset in bytes from the beginning of the parameter block

is this a return argument?

Data type of parameter

Vector attribute.

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