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parser::PTXParser::State Class Reference

#include <PTXParser.h>

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class  FunctionPrototype
class  OperandWrapper

Public Types

enum  Error {
  Success, SyntaxError, MalformedVersion, InvalidDataType,
  InvalidVecType, InitializerSizeMismatch, InvalidInstruction, DuplicateDeclaration,
  NoDeclaration, InvalidOpcode, DuplicateLabel, NoPrototype,
  PrototypeMismatch, NoLabel, InvalidArray, NotPredicate,
  NotSupported, NotVersion2_1, Invalid
typedef std::unordered_map
< std::string, unsigned int > 
typedef std::vector< std::string > StringList
typedef std::unordered_set
< std::string > 
typedef std::vector< StringSetStringSetStack
typedef std::vector< unsigned int > UintStack
typedef std::vector< unsigned int > DimensionVector
typedef std::vector< double > DoubleVector
typedef std::unordered_map
< std::string, OperandWrapper
typedef std::vector
< ir::PTXOperand
typedef std::unordered_map
< std::string,

Public Member Functions

void addSpecialRegisters ()
void maxnreg (unsigned int regs)
void maxntid (unsigned int tidx, unsigned int tidy=1024, unsigned int tidz=1024)
void ctapersm (int target, unsigned int ctas)
void maxnctapersm (unsigned int ctas)
void maxnctapersm ()
void minnctapersm (unsigned int ctas)
void minnctapersm ()
void preprocessor (int token)
void version (double version, YYLTYPE &location)
void addressSize (unsigned int size)
void identifierList (const std::string &identifier)
void identifierList2 (const std::string &identifier)
void decimalListSingle (long long int value)
void decimalListSingle2 (long long int value)
void symbolListSingle (const std::string &identifier)
void symbolListSingle2 (const std::string &identifier)
void floatList (double value)
void floatList1 (double value)
void singleList (float value)
void singleList1 (float value)
void targetElement (int token)
void target ()
void noAddressSpace ()
void addressSpace (int token)
void dataType (int token)
void statementVectorType (int token)
void instructionVectorType (int token)
void attribute (bool visible, bool external)
void shiftAmount (bool shift)
void vectorIndex (int token)
void arrayDimensionSet (long long int value, YYLTYPE &location, bool add)
void arrayDimensionSet ()
void arrayDimensions ()
void assignment ()
void registerDeclaration (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location, unsigned int regs=0)
void registerSeperator (YYLTYPE &location)
void fileDeclaration (unsigned int id, const std::string &name)
void initializableDeclaration (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &one, YYLTYPE &two)
void textureDeclaration (int token, const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void surfaceDeclaration (int token, const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void samplerDeclaration (int token, const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void argumentDeclaration (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void openBrace (YYLTYPE &location)
void closeBrace (YYLTYPE &location)
void returnArgumentListBegin (YYLTYPE &location)
void returnArgumentListEnd (YYLTYPE &location)
void argumentListBegin (YYLTYPE &location)
void argumentListEnd (YYLTYPE &location)
void functionBegin (YYLTYPE &location)
void functionName (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void functionDeclaration (YYLTYPE &location, bool body)
void entry (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)
void entryDeclaration (YYLTYPE &location)
void entryStatement (YYLTYPE &location)
void metadata (const std::string &comment)
void locationAddress (int token)
void uninitializableDeclaration (const std::string &name)
void location (long long int one, long long int two, long long int three)
void label (const std::string &string)
void pragma (const std::string &string)
void labelOperand (const std::string &string)
void nonLabelOperand (const std::string &string, YYLTYPE &location, bool invert)
void constantOperand (long long int value)
void constantOperand (unsigned long long int value)
void constantOperand (float value)
void constantOperand (double value)
void indexedOperand (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location, long long int value)
void addressableOperand (const std::string &name, long long int value, YYLTYPE &location, bool invert)
void arrayOperand (YYLTYPE &location)
void returnOperand ()
void guard (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &one, bool invert)
void guard ()
void statementEnd (YYLTYPE &location)
void tail (bool condition)
void uni (bool condition)
void carry (bool condition)
void modifier (int token)
void atomic (int token)
void volatileFlag (bool condition)
void reduction (int token)
void comparison (int token)
void boolean (int token)
void geometry (int token)
void vote (int token)
void level (int token)
void permute (int token)
void floatingPointMode (int token)
void defaultPermute ()
void full ()
void instruction ()
void instruction (const std::string &opcode, int dataType)
void instruction (const std::string &opcode)
void tex (int dataType)
void tld4 (int dataType)
void callPrototypeName (const std::string &identifier)
void call (const std::string &identifier, YYLTYPE &location)
void carryIn ()
void relaxedConvert (int token, YYLTYPE &location)
void cvtaTo ()
void convert (int token, YYLTYPE &location)
void convertC (int token, YYLTYPE &location)
void convertD (int token, YYLTYPE &location)
void barrierOperation (int token, YYLTYPE &location)
void cacheOperation (int token)
void clampOperation (int token)
void formatMode (int token)
void surfaceQuery (int token)
void colorComponent (int token)
void returnType (int token)
void argumentType (int token)
void callPrototype (const std::string &name, const std::string &identifier, YYLTYPE &location)
void callTargets (const std::string &name, YYLTYPE &location)

Public Attributes

ir::Module::StatementVector statements
StringMap labels
std::string fileName
std::string sectionType
std::string sectionName
StringList identifiers
OperandMap operands
StringSetStack localOperands
PrototypeMap prototypes
StringSetStack localPrototypes
bool inEntry
bool inArgumentList
bool inReturnList
unsigned int returnOperands
unsigned int alignment
ir::PTXOperand operand
OperandVector operandVector
ir::PTXStatement statement
FunctionPrototype prototype
ir::PTXStatement::Directive directive
std::string comment

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector< unsigned int > parser::PTXParser::State::DimensionVector
typedef std::vector< double > parser::PTXParser::State::DoubleVector
typedef std::unordered_map< std::string, OperandWrapper > parser::PTXParser::State::OperandMap
typedef std::unordered_map< std::string, FunctionPrototype > parser::PTXParser::State::PrototypeMap
typedef std::vector< std::string > parser::PTXParser::State::StringList
typedef std::unordered_map< std::string, unsigned int > parser::PTXParser::State::StringMap
typedef std::unordered_set< std::string > parser::PTXParser::State::StringSet
typedef std::vector< unsigned int > parser::PTXParser::State::UintStack

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Member Function Documentation

void parser::PTXParser::State::addressableOperand ( const std::string &  name,
long long int  value,
YYLTYPE &  location,
bool  invert 
void parser::PTXParser::State::addressSize ( unsigned int  size)
void parser::PTXParser::State::addressSpace ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::addSpecialRegisters ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::argumentDeclaration ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::argumentListBegin ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::argumentListEnd ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::argumentType ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::arrayDimensions ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::arrayDimensionSet ( long long int  value,
YYLTYPE &  location,
bool  add 
void parser::PTXParser::State::arrayDimensionSet ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::arrayOperand ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::assignment ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::atomic ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::attribute ( bool  visible,
bool  external 
void parser::PTXParser::State::barrierOperation ( int  token,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::boolean ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::cacheOperation ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::call ( const std::string &  identifier,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::callPrototype ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  identifier,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::callPrototypeName ( const std::string &  identifier)
void parser::PTXParser::State::callTargets ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::carry ( bool  condition)
void parser::PTXParser::State::carryIn ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::clampOperation ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::closeBrace ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::colorComponent ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::comparison ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::constantOperand ( long long int  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::constantOperand ( unsigned long long int  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::constantOperand ( float  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::constantOperand ( double  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::convert ( int  token,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::convertC ( int  token,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::convertD ( int  token,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::ctapersm ( int  target,
unsigned int  ctas 
void parser::PTXParser::State::cvtaTo ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::dataType ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::decimalListSingle ( long long int  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::decimalListSingle2 ( long long int  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::defaultPermute ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::entry ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::entryDeclaration ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::entryStatement ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::fileDeclaration ( unsigned int  id,
const std::string &  name 
void parser::PTXParser::State::floatingPointMode ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::floatList ( double  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::floatList1 ( double  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::formatMode ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::full ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::functionBegin ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::functionDeclaration ( YYLTYPE &  location,
bool  body 
void parser::PTXParser::State::functionName ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::geometry ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::guard ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  one,
bool  invert 
void parser::PTXParser::State::guard ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::identifierList ( const std::string &  identifier)
void parser::PTXParser::State::identifierList2 ( const std::string &  identifier)
void parser::PTXParser::State::indexedOperand ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location,
long long int  value 
void parser::PTXParser::State::initializableDeclaration ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  one,
YYLTYPE &  two 
void parser::PTXParser::State::instruction ( const std::string &  opcode,
int  dataType 
void parser::PTXParser::State::instruction ( const std::string &  opcode)
void parser::PTXParser::State::instruction ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::instructionVectorType ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::label ( const std::string &  string)
void parser::PTXParser::State::labelOperand ( const std::string &  string)
void parser::PTXParser::State::level ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::location ( long long int  one,
long long int  two,
long long int  three 
void parser::PTXParser::State::locationAddress ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::maxnctapersm ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::maxnctapersm ( unsigned int  ctas)
void parser::PTXParser::State::maxnreg ( unsigned int  regs)
void parser::PTXParser::State::maxntid ( unsigned int  tidx,
unsigned int  tidy = 1024,
unsigned int  tidz = 1024 
void parser::PTXParser::State::metadata ( const std::string &  comment)
void parser::PTXParser::State::minnctapersm ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::minnctapersm ( unsigned int  ctas)
void parser::PTXParser::State::modifier ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::noAddressSpace ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::nonLabelOperand ( const std::string &  string,
YYLTYPE &  location,
bool  invert 
void parser::PTXParser::State::openBrace ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::permute ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::pragma ( const std::string &  string)
void parser::PTXParser::State::preprocessor ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::reduction ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::registerDeclaration ( const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location,
unsigned int  regs = 0 
void parser::PTXParser::State::registerSeperator ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::relaxedConvert ( int  token,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::returnArgumentListBegin ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::returnArgumentListEnd ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::returnOperand ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::returnType ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::samplerDeclaration ( int  token,
const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::shiftAmount ( bool  shift)
void parser::PTXParser::State::singleList ( float  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::singleList1 ( float  value)
void parser::PTXParser::State::statementEnd ( YYLTYPE &  location)
void parser::PTXParser::State::statementVectorType ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::surfaceDeclaration ( int  token,
const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::surfaceQuery ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::symbolListSingle ( const std::string &  identifier)
void parser::PTXParser::State::symbolListSingle2 ( const std::string &  identifier)
void parser::PTXParser::State::tail ( bool  condition)
void parser::PTXParser::State::target ( )
void parser::PTXParser::State::targetElement ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::tex ( int  dataType)
void parser::PTXParser::State::textureDeclaration ( int  token,
const std::string &  name,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::tld4 ( int  dataType)
void parser::PTXParser::State::uni ( bool  condition)
void parser::PTXParser::State::uninitializableDeclaration ( const std::string &  name)
void parser::PTXParser::State::vectorIndex ( int  token)
void parser::PTXParser::State::version ( double  version,
YYLTYPE &  location 
void parser::PTXParser::State::volatileFlag ( bool  condition)
void parser::PTXParser::State::vote ( int  token)

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