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test Namespace Reference


class  Double
class  ToId
class  TestDataflowGraph
 A test for the DataflowGraph class. More...
class  Thread
class  TestDeviceSwitching
 A unit test for the ability of the CUDA runtime to switch between devices and use multiple threads. More...
class  TestExternalFunctions
 A unit test for calling an external host function from PTX. More...
class  TestEmulator
class  TestInstructions
class  TestKernels
class  TestLLVMKernels
 A unit test for the LLVM executive runtime. More...
class  TestDominatorTree
class  TestLLVMInstructions
 A test for the assembly code generation and automatic verfication of individual LLVM instructions. More...
class  TestPTXAssembly
 The idea here is to define a test harness for a large number of PTX unit tests. More...
class  TestLexer
 Tests for the PTX lexer. More...
class  TestParser
 A test for the PTXParser class. More...
class  TestPTXToLLVMTranslator
 This is a basic test that just tries to get through a translation successfully of as many PTX programs as possible. More...


typedef std::vector< unsigned
int * > 

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector< unsigned int* > test::PointerVector
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