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CALfuncInfoRec Struct Reference

#include <cal.h>

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Public Attributes

CALuint maxScratchRegsNeeded
CALuint numSharedGPRUser
CALuint numSharedGPRTotal
CALboolean eCsSetupMode
CALuint numThreadPerGroup
CALuint numThreadPerGroupX
CALuint numThreadPerGroupY
CALuint numThreadPerGroupZ
CALuint totalNumThreadGroup
CALuint numWavefrontPerSIMD
CALboolean isMaxNumWavePerSIMD
CALboolean setBufferForNumGroup
CALuint wavefrontSize
CALuint numGPRsAvailable
CALuint numGPRsUsed
CALuint LDSSizeAvailable
CALuint LDSSizeUsed
CALuint stackSizeAvailable
CALuint stackSizeUsed

Detailed Description

CAL function information

Member Data Documentation

Slow mode

Is this the max num active wavefronts per SIMD

LDS size available to the program

LDS size used by the program

Maximum number of scratch regs needed

number of GPRs available to the program

number of GPRs used by the program

Number of shared GPRs including ones used by SC

Number of shared GPRs

Flattend umber of threads per group

x dimension of numThreadPerGroup

y dimension of numThreadPerGroup

z dimension of numThreadPerGroup

Number of wavefronts per SIMD

Need to set up buffer for info on number of thread groups?

stack size availabe to the program

stack size use by the program

Total number of thread groups

number of threads per wavefront.

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