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pthread_cond_t Union Reference

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Public Attributes

struct {
   int   __lock
   unsigned   __futex
   __extension__ unsigned long long   __total_seq
   __extension__ unsigned long long   __wakeup_seq
   __extension__ unsigned long long   __woken_seq
   void *   __mutex
   unsigned   __nwaiters
   unsigned   __broadcast_seq
char __size [48]
__extension__ long long __align

Member Data Documentation

__extension__ long long pthread_cond_t::__align
struct { ... } pthread_cond_t::__data
__extension__ unsigned long long pthread_cond_t::__total_seq
__extension__ unsigned long long pthread_cond_t::__wakeup_seq
__extension__ unsigned long long pthread_cond_t::__woken_seq

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